Terms of use, rules and regulations


These conditions are the regulator of the relationship between

First Party: Hani Bin Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Jastaniah Information Technology EST. The owner of the (Smart Business Card application) and shall be later referred to as (owner of application, or application management)

Second Party: The user of the Application (User, Beneficiary, Applicant or You)

- By selecting “Next” or “agree” icons by the beneficiary or choosing any icons that will indicate the agreement and completion of the registration process in (Smart Business Card application) the beneficiary is considered, agreed and falls under the conditions and terms of use of the (Smart Business Card Application) and its content and services. Therefore, the beneficiary must read the terms carefully before approving the activation of the application or any of its characteristics.


  1. The aforementioned preamble is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Terms of use of the facilities and features of the application.


(A) The beneficiary's age must not be less than 15 years.

(B) The application features that allow the user to view and review the content published through this application, either by managing the application or by other users and being well-informed and browsing based on the user category or features getting from the application management, by purchasing a particular package or viewing by the application management. The Beneficiary shall use the Application for its own purposes and the Beneficiary is not entitled to use the Application or its content to be published for commercial, promotional and fame. The user may not collect, transfer, store, sell, publish, lease, grant or imitate any information, entry data or content published in the application or website to third parties without the prior written consent of the (Smart Business Card) application management. The user is responsible for infringement of intellectual property rights and copyright or any rights related to (trademarks, names, commercial agencies, books and advertising materials) or any other right in the facing of the owner of the application or any third party in case of infringement on any of the above and the user knows that it is Responsible for any action or any act or information used, added or sent, either in a negative or positive manner, the Application of the smart business card and the owner of smart business card shall be not responsible for any violations and breaches made by the user through the application of smart business cards.


(C) The account shall not be used by any other user than the owner of the account, and the owner shall be responsible for the credibility of such information.


(D) The user should not publish images, content, or messages containing violence, nudity, discrimination, material that violates the Sharia, laws, hostility or incitement to hatred, contempt of religion, pornography, sex, pork meat, alcohol, drugs, gambling, the weapon or the shame of modesty through (smart business card application).


(E) The user shall not distort, stalk, harass, abuse, harass, intimidate, impersonate or intimidate for individuals, entities or establishments, whether commercial or other, or companies or any sectors, management of the application through (smart business card application), User must not publish any private or confidential information about individuals, commercial establishments or other companies, unless approved, approved or documented by them. The (Smart Business Card Application) Disclaimer of any responsibility if the user exceeds and violates these conditions.


  1. The user shall observe and follow the applicable laws, regulations and regulations applicable to the user which he must know and know before using the application and violating the user's violation of any of its articles, terms or conditions. He shall be personally responsible to the governmental authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Or of the State, local or provincial, whether these systems have the same name, meaning, or similar laws and regulations, including but not limited to the following:
  • Electronic Crime Control and Regulations.
  • System of intellectual property rights and copyright.
  • Work System.
  • Code of Criminal Procedure.
  • System of trademarks, names, commercial agencies and all other commercial systems.


The user is also fully responsible for any activity or personal use in the application or through the application before the application management or third parties affected from user activity and is responsible for violating the regulations before the governmental entities.(Smart business card application) Disclaimer and not responsible when the user violates the laws and regulations of the country in which it is located or the country that violates its laws and regulations or the country affected by the user.


User must not attempt, hack, hack or disrupt the Service, servers, or networks associated with the Service, including the dissemination of any worms, viruses, spyware, malware, or any destructive, disruptive, User actions that cause damage (by implementing smart business cards, web page, or other users). The user may not use the domain names of the application nor the URLs without the written consent of the application management. The user who violates this condition shall bear full legal liability to the governmental authorities and competent authorities in the event of filing any complaints. The user who violates this condition shall bear all the costs of arbitration and damages that will be incurred and happened to (smart business card application, web page, and other users), the user will not get claim any financial compensation paid in the future even after the dispute has been settled.


The user has to respect other users right and their privacy and not to bother them with any action. If a complaint is filed, or the administration has noticed that. The management of (Smart business Card application) may cancel and suspend the user's subscription also not allowed to register user again and user shall not be entitled to request any compensation whether financial or otherwise.

  1. User information

During the application registration process, some necessary information is required for the registration process. In order to make full use of the application and as a key element of your registration in the application, for the application management the user need to provide certain information about the user, eg name, phone number, e-mail, location and other information Personal. The user agrees to allow the application to share its information available in a registration application in a way that is consistent with the nature of the application and serves its effectiveness. If the user wishes to block any information, he must modify the application settings if any, or contact the application management and The Department has the right to approve or reject.


The application shall also be entitled to provide its services to the user and to the other parties based on the preference options chosen by the user when the registration process and the original information that they are public except what is excluded.


  1. Follow-up, auditing and monitoring

User added information is the responsibility of the user's, (Smart business card application) management is not responsible for any fraud, forgery or falsification contained in this information It is the responsibility of the user. The application management will not monitor the content. The user must verify the content on his own. The purpose of the application is to exchange the cards with the consent of their implied parties as soon as the application is activated. In some cases, the application manager may continue to monitor the content in the event of a notice of a user exceeding any of the regulations and conditions, or if an order or request from the regulators or investigation is received in the country.


The right of monitoring and follow-up is available to manage the application for content verification and data collection that may contribute to application development.




  1. Links, advertisements and connections

The user agrees to receive commercial and promotional advertisements, links and links displayed through the application, the application of the Smart Business Card is not responsible for their content and credibility. The user must be aware of dealing with them. The application of Smart Business Cards shall not be liable for any transaction between the user and any advertisements or links that are displayed and are considered to be relationship outside the scope of the (smart business card application)  and are subject to the laws and regulations of the user country or third-party advertiser,(smart business card application) completely disclaim all the consequences of these relationships and Contains these Ads or correspondence between the user and (external or internal) advertisers.


These links may also contain viruses that harm the user's device and the user is not entitled to claim management (of smart business card application) any compensation and liability for any losses caused by dealing with the third party.

The user also agrees to pay all financial dues (for Smart Business Cards Application) before any advertising they want to publish through existing advertising services (using smart business card application).


  1. Password and password

The password is the responsibility of the user and must be kept confidential and not disclosed. (Smart Business Cards Application) is not responsible for the entry of any other person through the username or password of the user (the second party) and the user shall bear responsibility for all the added information and data added and submitted in the application.


  1. Damage and contingencies that may arise in application.

(A) The application may contain typographical errors or translation errors and the application may be subject to some faults or viruses. The user must be careful to provide his equipment with anti-virus programs or firewall programs to protect his equipment and information and the application is not responsible for any loss of data and not responsible for any hacking or virus passing on to the user by an  


(B) The application is not responsible for the survival of personal information where the application may be exposed some of the symptoms can lead to the disappearance of part or all the information stored, the user should be careful to examine his personal information because the purpose of the application is easy to carry and to exchange cards but that means not saved.


(C) the user knows that the application may not be able to read the printed information and converted to digital information may not recognize the type of a particular font or language does not read the handwriting and the application is not responsible for it.


  1. Termination of subscription or suspension and compensation if any.

(A) The application manager may terminate the subscription or delete it without warning if the user violates any of the terms of use or any general system. The user is not entitled to claim compensation for any damage that may be caused by the use of the application. The user acknowledges that the original is not worth compensation. If the compensation is sought by a judicial or governmental authority, it shall not exceed the refund of the value of the service fees to the user whether the service is an advertisement or a package.


(B) The administration of the application shall also have the right to suspend or delete the subscription without any warning in case the user fails to pay due dues.

(C) If there is any suspicion of the user, his transactions or his actions, the management (application of smart business cards) may suspend the subscription or delete it without any warning.

  1. Remuneration due (for Smart Business Cards Application and its web page) and its management.

The User agrees and accepts to bear any financial consequences, damages and any damages that may happen to the application its management or its employees or its agents or any third party or any other user by user and shall bear full compensation claims including arbitration and expertise.

  1. Buy services and unsubscribe.

(A) Purchase of services, the application provides services and features through payment through the application and to benefit from these services must pay the user the value of these services.

(B) The process of purchase and activation of the service, the application does not activate the service until the completion of the payment process and the receipt of the application for this value and the activation shall be within a reasonable period of time and if the service is not done, the user may communicate and contact with the administration to defect in the process.

(C) Taxes and external charges the user shall bear all taxes and duties applicable to on everything that results from the purchase process inside the application, whether approved by the governments or the financial channels through which the payment is made.


(D) The user agrees that all purchases and payments made by him are not refundable and the application is not responsible for the unreliability or effectiveness of the operations. If the administration of the application sees the cancellation of the payment process, it will be through the same channels from which the payment process was received or what it deems appropriate.


  1. Credit Card Data:

The credit information of the user's cards and confidentiality is the responsibility of the user and (the smart business card application) is not responsible for the result of these operations at all (and the smart business card application) will not provide or publish this information to anyone since the payment relationship will be between the user and the bank or provider Service is for him.


  1. Data collection and use:

. The Smart Business Card Application may collect personal and / or work contact information, including your name, family name, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and other similar contact information.

. Payment Data - The Smart Data Bank may collect data necessary to process payments and prevent fraud, including credit / debit card numbers, security code numbers, and other related billing information.

. Account data - You may collect information such as how you purchased and subscribed to smart card business (s), your transactions, your billing history, your support, the application services you use, and anything else related to the account you create.

. Location data (Smart Business Cards Application) may collect Geo-location data when you enable location-based services or when you choose to provide location-relevant information.

. Security credentials The Smart Business Card Application Management collects user IDs, passwords, password hints, and similar security information needed to authenticate and access user accounts.

. Demographic data (smart cards) may collect or obtain certain population data, including country, gender, age, preferred language, educational and functional background, and general data for functional interest.


. Preferences Smart Business Cards Management may collect information about your preferences and interests as they pertain to our products and services (whether you tell us or when we infer it from what we know about you) and how you prefer to receive correspondence from us.

. Social Communication Data - Smart Business Cards can provide social networking features that enable you to share information with your social networks and interact with us on many social networking sites. Using these features may result in the collection or sharing of user information, depending on the feature. We encourage you to review our privacy policies and settings on the social media sites you use to ensure that you understand, collect and use information that can be collected, shared, and shared through these sites.


  1. General conditions.

(A) The user knows that the application is supported in Arabic and English only.

(B) The management of Smart Business Cards Application may, upon the creation, addition or modification of services, features or updated terms, or development (for the Smart Business Card application), modify these additions and modifications in accordance with the terms and conditions for the benefit of Smart Business Cards. Service after the effective date of the updated Terms and Conditions constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms and Services.

(C) The use or access of the user to information through the application may not be legal in some countries. The user shall take into account the special regulations in the countries and the violation of any law shall be considered his responsibility and the application shall not bear the slightest responsibility.

(D) In the event of any dispute between the user and the management of the application, it shall be resolved first by friendly means. In the event of default, it shall be resolved in accordance with the Saudi Arbitration Law, provided that the user alone shall bear all the expenses of arbitration and shall not be entitled to claim them in the future.


(E) The name of Smart Business Card and its logo are trademarks and may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Smart Business Card. In addition, all headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts are service marks, trademarks and business appearance, all of which belong to smart business card, and may not be copied or copied, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Smart Business Cards Application).

(F) The User acknowledges and warrants the following: (1) You are responsible for the Content you publish; (2) The publication and use of Your Content on or through the Service does not infringe, seize or infringe the rights of any third party, privacy rights, publicity rights, and other intellectual property rights; (iii) you agree to pay for all usage rights, fees and any other funds due as a result of the Content posted on or through the Service.

(G) In no circumstances shall the employees, management and agents (application of Smart Business Cards) be liable or any loss or damage to the User of any kind (direct, indirect, economic, warning, special or punitive damages) (B) the content, (c) user content, (d) your use of the Service, inability to use or perform the Service, or (e) any action you take in connection with the Service; Relating to the investigation by parties and (Smart Business Cards Application) or law enforcement authorities with respect to the use or use by any third party of the Service or (a) Action taken on the owners of copyright or intellectual property of others, or (g) any errors or omissions run the service or (h) any damage to any user with respect to your computer or mobile device, or other devices or techniques, and any damage.

(H) We provide an easy customer experience by maintaining accurate contact and contact data, providing comprehensive customer support, offering products, services and features that may be of interest to you and enabling you to participate in the service. Examples of administrative correspondence may include answering your queries or requests, completing the service, correspondence, or updates that apply to mergers, acquisitions, or exclusion.