Who we are

We introduce smart business cards in a new innovative way and move them from the paper world to the electronic world for contributions to building a digital society that serves the business sector and all other sectors in the process of communication and exchange of information in the world of business around the world. These include persons, companies, establishments, factories or sectors that carry basic data about the user of the program and facilitate the exchange of smart business cards between users and them clients easy.

Our Vision

world of smart business cards delivers excellent quality and bridging the gap using electronic tools with modern ideas for social networks, ensuring an innovative product for business and users, and moving on to a new era of smart business cards.

Our Mission

The Smart Business Cards is a unique application moving the business cards from the paper world to a world of smart electronic social cards to keep up modern technology, it is characterized by high quality to facilitate business growth and rich communication with others and save data in the form of electronic applications and web page, and the preservation of the environment by reducing the paper and cost of paper and keep time.


  • Digitalizing business cards
  • Keeping the environment healthier by reducing the number of business cards
  • Minimize the cost of printing and renewing business cards and saving the cost of printing equipment
  • Create smart business cards faster than ever
  • Create smart personal business cards for individuals and all sectors
  • Easy to create and acquire many smart business cards for a single user with different contact data
  • Easily updating and editing cards
  • Easily exchange smart business cards between users
  • Providing business cards in a timely manner to all users
  • Easily find social media account for users in smart business cards
  • Ability to write any personal notes on smart business cards located in the electronic wallet
  • Easy exchange of information required between users via private messages
  • A large number of smart business cards can be saved to other users in an electronic wallet
  • Easy archiving for smart business cards
  • Search for smart business cards either geographically or by specialty